In spring, we have begun going to the gym more often. For we desperately want to welcome beach season with a sculptured body, not excess kilograms! And for that, we need to make efforts, especially since it will be summer soon! For your workouts to be more effective and sooner lead to your cherished goal, take a note of our two brand-new sport products: SportExpert L-carnitine 3600 mg* and SportExpert BCAA Powder*.

    New SportExpert L-carnitine 3600 mg* is the maximum1 of easily digestible2 liquid L-carnitine with a pleasant peach flavour 3600 mg in each shot and even more3 portions in one pack 12 shots. The preparation will help you to work out more effectively for L-carnitine contributes to:2

  • weight reduction

  • transformation of fat stores into energy

  • performance and endurance increase

  • pain reduction in muscles

  • lean muscle mass gain

     And SportExpert BCAA Powder* is a complex of three essential4 amino acids with branched side chains (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine) at the classic ratio of 2:1:1 with a watermelon flavour.

    The complex plays an important role in protecting muscle fibres from breaking during sport activities and in more active muscle rehabilitation after workouts.5

   SportExpert BCAA Powder* also contributes to:6

  • muscle gain acceleration

  • endurance increase

  • fatigue reduction after exercise

    One can will suffice for 23 workouts if 1 powder portion is taken before and after workouts.

    Achieve better results with the brand-new SportExpert products! You can purchase them in the brand pharmacies of the Evalar chain, at and in other pharmacies of the country. They are also waiting for you at the Fitomarket marketplace by Evalar.


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    1 In the product line SportExpert.
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