Complete production cycle

from the cultivation of plants to packaging of finished products

More than 300 kinds

of medicines and dietary supplements different release forms

25 years

of expertise in phytotherapy


more than 700 scientists, more than 300 partner research centers


Evalar îwn plantations in Altai - the most environmentally friendly region of Russia


confirmed by international GMP standard

A reliable partner in a healthy lifestyle

For 25 years, Evalar has accumulated unique experience in the field of phytotherapy, becoming the recognized leader of the Russian market of natural preparations for preservation and strengthening of health. 


Evalar strives to fulfill the essential purpose of enabling every person to maintain and improve their health and quality of life, using natural, effective, high quality and up-to-date medicinal products: herbal medicines and dietary supplements.


According to the data of Russian Statistics Service, Altai is the most environmentally friendly region of the Russian Federation. 

Quality raw materials are the basis for the quality and efficiency of Evalar’s products. Most of the raw materials used by the company in the manufacturing process are grown on its own plantations in the environmentally pristine foothills of Altai.

Evalar Worldwide

The company's products are registered and supplied to 26 countries of the world, including Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East and the Mediterranean regions. More than 10% of all medicinal products are exported. Evalar is increasing the supplies and expanding its products range. Since 2014, the Company has opened representative offices in Miami, Sydney, Paris and Bratislava.

The company is actively working on the growing market of international online sales. Today, natural Altai medicines can be bought on such well-known networks as Amazon and on the leading platform for global wholesale trade Alibaba.

Corporate film

Corporate film about «Evalar» — absolut leader in the Russian market of natural products for health promotion and improvement.