The collection of innovative nutrients from Evalar Laboratory was showcased at the largest beauty forum of the year

"Future Aesthetic Medicine. 2023 Trends" forum was held in Moscow at "Digital Business Space" in Pokrovka street. Serving as the general partner of the event, Evalar attracted renowned cosmetologists, nutritionists, doctors, and celebrities from the film and showbiz industry. Notable attendees included singer Alsou, host Marika, actress Polina Aug, singer Irina Toneva, designer Masha Tsigal, singer Alexander Panayotov and many other Russian celebrities. Evalar Laboratory's new line of innovative nutraceuticals, developed in collaboration with the medical community, was unveiled and tested for the first time by celebrities at the forum. These products boast high bioavailability and unique formulas. 

The collection represents a new generation of nutraceuticals created by a team of developers, nutritionists, and technologists adhering to the highest international quality standards GMP in modern pharmaceutical production for Russian and foreign markets. In January of this year, the range  was introduced at the ARAB HEALTH exhibition in Dubai, showcasing its global appeal. Each nutrient in the new collection was selected based on the analysis of hundreds of recent clinical studies and reviews, with scientific support from RUDN university scientists and the participation of the International Nutraceutical Community.

The forum featured four simultaneous sessions this year, with the main scientific session highlighting the key advantages of the Evalar Laboratory collection, presented by nutritionist Elena Korshun. She emphasized that aging processes starts in the body from the age of 25, leading to both age-associated and deficient conditions. Nutritional supplements can become a vital means of meeting the body's nutrient requirements in a scenario where modern food products fall short.

A highlight of the forum was the presentation of Multi Collagen from Evalar Laboratory, which includes native type II collagen from deep-sea squid, along with fish and bovine collagen types I and III. These are enhanced with vitamin C in a non-acidic and stomach-friendly ascorbate form, coenzyme Q10, and MSM. Participants appreciated that, despite the high collagen dosage of 10,000 mg per serving, there was no fishy odour. The ready-to-drink beverage had a delightful chocolate flavour from natural cocoa.

Cosmetologists showed great interest in this product as it is often recommended to take it to enhance the effectiveness of rejuvenating procedures. However, it is needed to say that the innovative formulas, high dosages, and maximum bioavailability of Evalar Laboratory products allow these impressive rejuvenation effects even without cosmetic interventions.

All participants in the scientific session had the opportunity to participate in a quiz and receive prizes – beauty boxes with Evalar Laboratory's new products.

Nutritionist Olesya Soboleva presented the new line to top beauty bloggers, emphasizing the importance of staying energetic to maintain youthfulness. She highlighted that by adequately replenishing nutrient deficiencies, every sixth person globally could be older than 65 by 2050, a goal that Evalar strives to contribute to with effective solutions for maintaining youthfulness and preventing age-related conditions.

Each forum participant had the chance to taste the best beauty innovations and receive an individual beauty program from Evalar's experts.