Evalar is the first and only Russian manufacturer that produces natural drugs according to the original international quality standard.
According to Euromonitor, the Russian company Evalar is the leader in sales volume of multicomponent dietary supplements among companies in Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries
Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Health Category; Retail Value RSP; Company Data - Global, Historical Owner; 2021.
Company news
Our Core Values are
Our mission
We discover the power of plants, study their natural health benefits and know how to pass them on to millions of people. Our work is to make sure that every day. you and your families have the opportunity keep you and your families healthy every day with natural products of impeccable quality.

We believe in the power of plants and together with nature we create new things to improve the quality of life.
Evalar's plantations in Altai
hectares at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level
crops are grown on an industrial scale
Preserving the balance of the ecosystem using only natural fertilizers
Photo from Evalar's archive
We are confident in the quality of raw materials. For 30 years we have accumulated unique experience, so we can guarantee the effectiveness of our products.
Ecological activities and actions to preserve Altai nature
The Evalar laboratories are a full-fledged research institute
For the selection of raw materials are used sophisticated modern hardware methods are used for selecting raw materials and the plants go through a multistage identification system
Each natural ingredient must be perfectly pure, free of heavy metals, radionuclides and microorganisms
The more active ingredients a plant contains, the more effective the product will be. We select ingredients with a high content of useful components only.
Evalar today is
mln sachets per year
mln tablets per year
product export countries
two laboratory areas
50 000
the area of the two plants
1000 ha
plantations in Altai
Cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment
Our production sites are equipped with highly automated European equipment of the latest generations.

We preserve the beneficial properties natural ingredients and produce dietary supplements and natural remedies pharmaceutical quality.
Pharmaceutical approach to produce nutritional supplements we offer
Two laboratories for quality control at every stage of a product lifecycle
Air exchange systems as in operating theaters, full air exchange 20 air changes per hour
Automated control systems temperature, humidity and microbiological purity
Modern European equipment for careful and safe processing of raw materials
Quality assurance according to the highest international standards
Our product quality is guaranteed by upholding the highest rigorous international standards in production management processes and multi-stage control of raw materials and finished products.
Eco-boxes: taking care of the planet together with Evalar
Eco-boxes have been installed in our pharmacies in Moscow and the Siberian Federal District, to collect our recyclable plastic containers. Now everyone can contribute to the preservation of health and the environment!