In the foothills of the Altai Mountains, plants accumulate the maximum concentration of biologically active constituents. Evalar plantations are located in this unique climatic zone. Read more

Altai is called the bell of the earth for the grandiose power of its nature. Snow-covered mountain peaks gently flow into blooming valleys, clear lakes and emerald bends of the Katun River. The power of Altai nature echoes in our hearts and amazes with its uniqueness. Here within this comparatively small area there are 6 natural climatic zones, from tundra to semi-desert. Sunny days are no less than in Sochi, but in winter the temperature easily drops to -45 degrees. This region is recognized as the most environmentally friendly region of Russia.

The unique nature gives birth to unique products. Altai is the birthplace of Evalar. We not only take the best from nature, but also carefully conserve its resources. From our own plantations we gather several harvests of medicinal herbs a year to harness the power of the Altai into effective natural drugs by Evalar.
Evalar Plantations
Fields of escholtia
Gathering daisies
Echinacea purpurea
Milk oats
Fields of escholtia
The plants are harvested only during the periods of their highest biological activity, following a calendar based on the traditional knowledge and Evalar's accumulated scientific knowledge.
1000 ha
own sown areas in the foothills of the Altai
plant species grow in Altai
height, at which the plantations of Evalar are located
Evalar grows crops on an industrial scale
Over the period of 30 years we have gained unique experience in phytotherapy and botany and have created our own seed bank of medicinal plants
Our choice is the healthy future of the planet
Most of the materials we use can be recycled and reused. Proper waste sorting reduces the impact on the environment and avoids the release of poisonous components.
Eco-boxes: taking care of the planet together with Evalar
Eco-boxes have been installed in our pharmacies in Moscow and the Siberian Federal District, to collect our recyclable plastic containers. Now everyone can contribute to the preservation of health and the environment!
Ecological activities and actions to preserve Altai nature