Evalar participated in the 49th international exhibition Arab Health 2024

This year, the 49th International Exhibition and congress took place from January 29 to February 1 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The products of the leading Russian food supplements market player gained significant demand. This is not coincidental, as the company offers essentially unique products – exclusive formulas utilizing plant-based components, for which there are no equivalents in the local market.

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Evalar is consistently expanding its presence in the Emirates market, targeting both the growing Russian diaspora and local consumers. Indeed, the company's products have been in high demand at the Arab Health exhibition for the second consecutive year. This year, visitors showed particular interest in multivitamin complexes for women's health based on bioavailable minerals and Siberian herbs, weight management products, a beauty season highlight – collagen in tablets with vitamin C and high-dose hyaluronic acid, as well as anti-stress formulas for cortisol control.

"The undeniable advantage, which I hope consumers in the Emirates will appreciate, is that all dosages and the number of tablets for intake are clearly stated on the front side of the packaging – making it very easy for the user to understand," notes Natalia Prokopyeva, Evalar's Chairperson of the Board of Directors. "All products are compatible with each other, do not contain ingredients of animal origin, gluten, or titanium dioxide.”

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The distinctive feature of the product line presented this year lies in the fact that all formulations are developed by nutrition scientists and produced in conditions of pure pharmaceutical manufacturing: "Our difference from all other brands is that we approach the food supplement production process as seriously as the production of pharmaceuticals. The principle of pure substance, pure manufacturing, and pure product results in a high-quality and effective nutraceutical – that's what makes us unique. The company is ready to introduce exclusive formulas with the use of plant-based components to the local market, for which there are no equivalents locally," shares Natalia Prokopyeva.