People with joint problems have to take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to combat inflammation and pain. These drugs are really effective, but they may have a negative effect on the gastric mucosa, especially when a person already has problems with it.1 Open a new opportunity to support joint health with a natural ingredient – extract of sweet-scented martynia. It is clinically proven to have a comprehensive effect on the musculoskeletal system while not harming the stomach, even in case of long-term administration.2

Sweet-scented martynia or harpagophytum is a South African plant that is very popular in the West today. In some countries it is included in the national pharmacopoeia. The main advantage of martynia extract is that it works in two directions at a time, providing:2,3

  • relief of inflammation and pain and reduction of uric acid levels;

  • protection of cartilage tissue from destruction (chondroprotective properties).

Studies have shown that the result of a course of martynia extract administration in some cases is not inferior to NSAIDs. Therefore, many patients who took martynia were able to significantly reduce the need for synthetic analgesics and even abandon them. At the same time, martynia extract, unlike NSAIDs, is safe even during long term – up to a year – administration.2

Scientists have discovered a broad range of active ingredients in martynia extract, the main one being harpagoside. Based on the results of the extract administration in patients with musculoskeletal problems, the experts determined the most effective dosage of harpagoside – at least 50 mg per day.4


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We present our new product Revmaflex forte Evalar. This is a 100% natural1 product with a maximum2 daily dosage of sweet-scented martynia extract – 2500 mg, which is standardized by the content of harpagoside. The daily intake contains the exact dosage of the active ingredient which is recommended by experts – 50 mg.3

Revmaflex forte Evalar facilitates to:4

  • reduce inflammation, swelling and pain in the joints;

  • reduce the risk of cartilage destruction;

  • improve mobility of the joints and spine;

  • reduce the necessity to administer non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;

  • normalize uric acid levels.

One pack of 120 capsules is enough for a full month of administration.4

You can buy the new Remaflex forte in branded Evalar pharmacies and other pharmacies in the country. You can also find it on our branded and Phytomarket marketplace


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In the range of Evalar JSC products.
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