Many moms have faced difficulties trying to persuade a child to take an unpalatable tablet or capsule. And it can be really hard for infants to swallow the stuff. Now, with delicious gummies or a carbonated drink, it’s a whole new story! You can buy vitamins for your kid not only in the form of chewable pastilles Bears Evalar but also in the form of effervescent tablets BABY Evalar. Or, better yet, double your kid’s happiness: Let one vitamin booster looks like gummies and the other like a healthy soda drink!

BABY Evalar is a new series of vitamins designed specifically for children aged 3+1, taking into account age-specific requirements of the most important nutrients. Today, the series includes three complexes with targeted properties addressing a particularly urgent issue: support of the child’s immune and nervous systems through kindergarten and/or school. With the effervescent form, the ingredients of the complexes are easier to digest, without irritating the stomach thanks to the neutral pH of the solution formula2, 3. The products do not contain sweeteners, preservatives, artificial coloring or flavors.

  • Immunity
    Citrus-flavored effervescent Vitamin C in a high4 90-mg daily dosage for children will boost immunity during the season of viral infections. Alternatively, you may opt for a unique5 complex based on black elderberry juice and boasting a self-explanatory name, Immunity. Foods and dietary supplements from this plant have been popular in America and Europe for a long time

    Viruses cause a significant increase in free radicals in the body. Free radicals are unstable atoms that can produce a damaging effect on your cells. Studies performed in the U.S. have shown that elderberry has more antioxidant activity than many berries we know for their beneficial properties, such as cranberries and blueberries6. Moreover, a study by Australian experts confirms that active compounds of black elderberry help to prevent the flu virus from penetrating the cells. And, if the infection has already occurred, elderberry enhances the immune response to the virus7.

    Our company, Evalar, has introduced the global trend in Russia and begins to produce elderberry products with an improved and amplified composition. Children’s Immunity complex in effervescent tablets combines elderberry juice with vitamins C, D3, zinc, and selenium. They are included in the list of 10 essential vitamins and minerals to support functions of the immune system8. And the taste of black currant – as the proverbial cherry on top

  • Calm
    The third new product in the BABY Evalar series is the Calm complex. It is a unique5 combo of lemon balm and mint extracts, glycine, magnesium and vitamin B6, all packed in effervescent tablets with banana-and-strawberry flavor. This product is designed specifically for children who exhibit fidgety behavior. Many moms complain that their offspring is restless, impulsive, easily distracted in class. During the day, it can be difficult to keep an eye on these kids, and at night they may face sleeping disorders.

    The product is composed of substances, which, mixed together, complement and reinforce each other’s action, contributing to an overall calming effect1:

    • During the day – The complex will support the nervous system exposed to high mental and physical pressures, will help to reduce excitability and anxiety, and improve the child’s mood, mental alertness, concentration and diligence;

    • At night – The complex will speed up falling asleep and enhance the sleep quality.

You can buy our vitamins for children in any branded pharmacy of the Evalar chain or in other pharmacies across the country. You can also find them on our website: and in the Phytomarket marketplace.



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4 Depending on the age of the child, 128.6% to 180% of the normal physiological requirements for energy and nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

5 In the product range of Evalar JSC.

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