What vitamins do you think could claim the status of a superstar? In our opinion, vitamin D3 deserves this title. Today it is rightly on top as it contributes to the strengthening of immunodefences*,1. Those who have had a vaccination should check if their vitamin D level is sufficient and make up for its deficiency2 if necessary. And do you know that vitamin D3 works especially well in combination with vitamin K2 and supplements its properties?3 Now we release this complex not only as chewable tablets but in two new forms as well. Combine the useful with the pleasant: choose yet more4 vitamin D3 – 2400 IU, enhanced with vitamin K2, in effervescent tablets to make a flavoursome refreshing drink or the vitamin duo in drops.

Vitamins D3 + K2 complex promotes:*,1

- immune boosting and reduced risk of developing viral infections,

as well as promotes:

- safe calcium uptake: prevention of its deposition in blood vessels, joints and kidneys,

- blood vessels elasticity increase,

- maintenance of healthy bones and teeth,

- muscle strength increase.

Effervescent Vitamin D3 2400 IU + K2 Evalar has been developed particularly for those who like to combine the useful with the pleasant. While you enjoy your refreshing orange drink, your body is getting natural* vitamin D3, so important for it, in combination with natural* vitamin K2 in the high-potent5 menaquinone-7 form. The preparation does not contain gluten or GMO.

As for Vitamin D3 500 IU + K2 Evalar in the form of an oily solution, it will be suitable not only for adults but also for children over 3 years old1. It is very easy to dose: it is enough to measure out the required number of drops! 10 drops contain at once 5000 IU of highly digestible coconut oil based vitamin D3 and 100 µg of vitamin K2 in the menaquinone-7 form. The product is pleasant to take: it has a neutral taste and smell and does not contain alcohol.

We would like to add that both novelties are manufactured from high-quality German raw material by the world-renowned company BASF SE.

You can purchase them in any brand pharmacy of the Evalar chain and in other pharmacies of the country. They are also waiting for you at and Fitomarket by Evalar.


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1 Certified by State Registration Certificate No. AM. of 05.02.2021

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4 Compared to the 2000 IU dose in one chewable tablet of Vitamin D3 2000 IU + K2 by ZAO “Evalar”.

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