Did you know that Siberian chaga is one of the most famous mushrooms in the world today*? Health cafés in America and Europe are serving drinks and dishes with Russian Superfood. In China, chaga caused a real stir: its sales reached one billion yuan in just a few years. More and more research studies worldwide confirm the amazing properties of chaga, including its benefits that are especially relevant today, such as antiviral properties and ability to maintain healthy immune defenses1. Unleash all the power of the birch mushroom with the new 100% natural Evalar BIO Chaga Tea!

This tea contains only highly purified ground chaga, which contributes to: 1

  • maintaining healthy activity of the immune system,
  • fighting viruses and bacteria.

Also try Chaga if you have gastrointestinal tract problems, because the birch mushroom helps to restore its normal function.1
We recommend to drink 1 glass of chaga tea (1 filter bag) 2 times a day for 1 month. You can add milk or honey to your tea if you wish. After a month, take a 10-day break, and then repeat the course of treatment if needed.1

Our new product and other teas from the varied Evalar BIO collection can be purchased in Evalar’s chain of branded pharmacies and in other pharmacies of Russia. You will also find them at and at Evalar Fitomarket marketplace.

About Evalar BIO tea collection

Evalar BIO line includes more than 25 types of 100% natural mono-teas and herbal teas with targeted effect. They help to support immune defenses, promote the health of heart and blood vessels, kidneys and liver, curb the appetite, cleanse the system, etc.

Advantages of Evalar BIO tea collection

  • Biological activity. All the plants in each tea blend are collected at the peak of their biological activity and efficacy, under the supervision of specialists.
  • Microbiological purity. Evalar BIO Teas are manufactured under strict control of the microbiological purity of raw materials in accordance with the requirements of GMP international quality standard.
  • Special BIO Technologies. Modern technologies of careful manufacturing make it possible to preserve the maximum BIO activity, natural efficacy, and unsurpassed taste and aroma of plants (instant steam raw material processing technology, special technology of packing each tea bag into an individual sachet).
  • Developed in Altai, and ecologically pristine region of Russia, possessing rich biological resources.

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1 Confirmed by the Certificate of public registration No. AM. dated February 4, 2021.