A lot of people have already come to appreciate through practice the unique properties of “the protein of youth” – sea collagen by Evalar – the most sought-after and popular¹. In terms of its composition, it is the closest to human one, that is why our body uptakes it so easily2. Its peptides get fully absorbed through intestine walls and direct their amino acids right to where they are deficient.3

We know that modern fast pace of life with constant moving requires greater mobility from you. That is why we have invented for you a convenient mini format of ready-made portions (sachets) of sea collagen. You can easily take with you Sea Collagen by Evalar in the form of sachets/packets to the office or on a trip! Each packet contains 6000 mg of collagen: it is one of the most effective and recommended-by-experts optimal daily doses of collagen4, which will work for your beauty from within. Just one sachet a day (into water, coffee or smoothie) and your skin will be provided with collagen!

 Sea Collagen by Evalar contributes to5:

  • Better skin, hair and nail health, small wrinkle smoothing, increased smoothness, skin firmness and elasticity, anti-ageing

  • Joint mobility increase, ligaments strengthening, pain reduction, cartilaginous tissue regeneration

  • Bone tissue strengthening.

Moreover, the hydrolysed sea collagen by Evalar has high bioavailability and is much less allergenic compared to collagen of animal origin. Its composition is enhanced with vitamin Ñ, that stimulates own collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis in the body.

You can purchase Sea Collagen by Evalar and other ANTI-AGE line products at, in Healthy Life Shop Fitomarket, brand pharmacies of the Evalar chain and in other pharmacies of the country.


1 According to DSM Group data for January-July 2021, Collagen by Evalar is the leader in the Collagen category on the dietary supplements retail market in roubles.

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5 Certified by State Registration Certificate No. KZ.Å.000111.02.19 of 08.02.2019.