Our first aid kits often contain nutraceuticals used for long treatment courses. Taking into account our customer preferences, Evalar manufactures the most popular dietary supplements both in standard and big packages. Hence, the treatment course becomes longer, while the price is more affordable1! But the composition, raw materials from the best suppliers and high pharmaceutical quality according to the GMP standards remain unchanged.


Standard package

New big package

Triple Omega-3 950 mg

30 or 80 capsules per jar

120 capsules per jar

Collagen Marmalade Berries 2000 mg

30 gummies per jar

60 gummies per zip-lock bag

Collagen with vitamin C 6000 mg

90 tablets per jar

180 tablets per jar

5-HTP 100 mg

60 capsules per jar

90 capsules per jar

Vitamin D3 max 2000 IU

60 gelatin capsules per jar

120 gelatin capsules per jar


Ask for our products both in standard and new big packages in Evalar’s pharmacies. They are also available on our Web site and on Fitomarket.



1According to and as of April 13, 2023 in comparison with similar products by “Evalar” JCS in standard packages.