For more than 15 years, Turboslim Evalar line has been helping to fight various causes1 of excess weight. Many users have appreciated Turboslim Day for active fat burning, reducing appetite during the day, and Turboslim Night for reducing evening appetite and starting natural weight loss processes at night. Everyone chose the most suitable option.

However, a comprehensive approach to losing weight is very important. For maximum results and convenience, we combined two legendary products from Evalar’s Turboslim line2 into one set that will work for your slenderness 24 hours a day3, 4. Meet the new product: Turboslim Day+Night enhanced formula!

If earlier you had to buy two packs of each individual product2 for a monthly course, now it’s just enough to buy one set! What’s more, you will get a gift of 7 days’s amount of the product,for a good deal and convenience!

You will find two types of capsules in the package.

  • Day capsules based on guarana and cherry stalk extracts, L-carnitine, inulin and chromium picolinate promote active weight loss during the day, fat burning and appetite reduction during the day 4, without a laxative effect.

  • Night capsules containing chitosan, extracts of garcinia, senna, fennel and lemon balm reduce evening appetite, cleanse the body and accelerate natural slimming processes at night 5.

Let’s set new goals and strive to achieve them together!

You can find out more about the new product and order it at or at the Fitomarket marketplace! You can also find it in any branded pharmacy of Evalar chain and in other pharmacies of Russia.


1 Causes not related to diseases.

2 Turboslim Day enhanced formula and Turboslim Night enhanced formula.

3 Compared with separate purchase of capsules Turboslim Day enhanced formula and Turboslim Night enhanced formula for a course of treatment.

4 Confirmed by Marketing Authorization No. KZ.Ĺ.000650.05.14 dated 19.05.2014.

5 Confirmed by Marketing Authorization No. KZ.Ĺ.000649.05.14 dated 19.05.2014.