Each of us would want to give a strong and prompt response to infections and viruses. And now Evalar has a perfect product for that! Recently a new antiseptic, Miramed, has become available in pharmacies. It fights a variety of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi, has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates local defence responses, and stimulates tissue regeneration processes. And all of this at a great price! 1

Miramed Evalar is based on the powerful antiseptic benzyldimethyl-myristoyl-amino-propylammonium, a formula developed as part of the strategic "Space Biotechnology" program to provide reliable protection from microbes in the extreme conditions of space. The antiseptic benzyldimethyl-myristoyl-amino-propylammonium has successfully passed numerous clinical trials in Russia and abroad and has proven to be a product with a high safety profile that can be used even by newborns2.

However, Miramed Evalar is MORE than just an antiseptic! It is a pharmaceutical product with the widest spectrum of action, which is successfully used in many fields of medicine: otolaryngology, dentistry, surgery, traumatology, gynecology, venereology, urology. 3

Among the indications for use4:

  • infectious and viral diseases

  • tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, maxillary sinusitis

  • surface and deep burns

  • fungal skin diseases

  • purulent wounds

You can buy this product in any Evalar brand pharmacy and in other pharmacies nationwide.


1 According to the data from Evalar pharmacy chain in comparison with the analogue. The comparison is made according to the active substance, volume and form of release.

2 Except for the use of the drug in the form of a spray for throat and tonsil irrigation, which can be performed for the children over three years old, according to the instructions for use.

3 Instructions for medical use of the drug Miramed Evalar, reg. number: LP-007200.

4 Instructions for medical use of the drug Miramed, reg. number: LP-007200.