"Better not overdo it!" Think many of those who take iodine supplements to support thyroid health and hormonal balance. An excess of this mineral can do more harm than its deficiency. However, when taking the novelty product Organic Iodine Evalar, there is no need to fear an overdose. The secret lies in a special smart form of iodine: iodine-casein. This is a combination of the mineral with milk protein, thanks to which iodine is absorbed easily and efficiently, in strictly individual quantities. Your body will get the exact amount of iodine that it needs at the moment.1 Thanks to this, the product can be taken for a long time2 without a risk of the mineral overdose.

To be absorbed by the thyroid gland, iodine is cleaved from the milk protein molecule by the effect of special liver enzymes. They are only produced when the body lacks iodine. If there is enough iodine, enzymes are not produced, and iodine-casein is excreted from the body naturally, without entering into most chemical reactions with organic substances and without destroying them, as inorganic iodine does.1 That is why an overdose of the mineral does not occur when taking iodine-casein.

Each capsule of New Organic Iodine Evalar contains 150 mcg of iodine, which is 100% of daily intake of this mineral. So the product is very convenient to take: just 1 capsule a day is enough.

Our new product contributes to: 2

  • effective replenishment of iodine deficiency in the body,

  • bringing hormonal balance back to normal,

  • improving the functional state of thyroid gland and the metabolism,

  • strengthening the immune system.

Even pregnant and lactating women can take Organic Iodine Evalar. 3

The product does not contain titanium dioxide, gluten or GMOs.

Organic Iodine Evalar can be purchased in any branded pharmacy of our chain and in other pharmacies all over the country. And, of course, you will find this novelty on virtual showcases of and


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2 Confirmed by Public registration certificate No. AM. dated 29.07.2021.

3  According to Public registration certificate, in consultation with a physician.