One of the trends that is gaining popularity these days is supporting health with the help of healthy mushrooms. In East Asian countries, including China and Japan, the Hydnam has become a real star. It is referred to as a “natural nootropics” for its ability to support brain cell activity and cognitive function.*

Today we are pleased to present a unique drug product in the collection of innovative nutrients, Hericium erinaceus 300 mg from Evalar Laboratory.

The fact is that not all manufacturers can produce a truly high-quality product with Hericium erinaceus. The result of its intake depends on the origin of the source materials and the content of biologically active components. Each capsule of the new drug product contains 300 mg of mycelium extract and Hericium erinaceus powder from the full spectrum of mushrooms: mycelium, fungal fruit and extracellular compounds. This drug product exhibits more pronounced properties than the monoproduct. Moreover, its composition is additionally enhanced by the “brain vitamin” choline.

Hericium erinaceus is rich in polysaccharides – to date, 35 such biologically active substances have been isolated. They have a wide range of biological properties.1 One of the most striking is supporting mental health and cognitive function. Hericium erinaceus promotes mental clarity, enhanced memory and concentration.*

Relatively recently, scientists from Japan isolated a special substance from the Hericium erinaceus, which they called “a stimulator for the restoration of nervous tissue.”2 This amazing mushroom promotes not only the activation of brain cells, but also the formation of new neural connections.* Therefore, according to experts, for those who are learning something new and constantly developing, the Hericium erinaceus can become an indispensable assistant.

The laboratory approach and scientific validity in the development of each Evalar Laboratory drug product allowed us, together with the developers, to enhance the effect of the Hericium erinaceus with an additional component – choline. It is a precursor of the most important neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It is necessary for the communication between neurons involved in maintaining memory, attention and high learning ability.3

Hericium erinaceus also helps restore the myelin sheaths of nerves.* Myelin sheaths play the role of electrical insulators.4 Thanks to them, nerve impulses do not dissipate, but go strictly in the right direction, ensuring speed of reactions and thinking processes.

But that's not all! The new drug product has additional beneficial properties: it facilitates strengthening the immune system and the heart and protecting the digestive system.*

Hericium erinaceus 300 mg from Evalar Laboratory is produced from Hericium erinaceus raw materials grown with the use of modern equipment and high technology from a leading manufacturer from China. Choline is produced in laboratory conditions from premium raw materials. Evalar Laboratory receives it from reliable suppliers from Germany.


You can purchase the new drug product and other products from the Evalar Laboratory collection of innovative nutrients right now in and in the branded online store, on the official website, marketplace, other popular marketplaces and offline – in Evalar branded pharmacies and other pharmacies of the country.


* Confirmed by SoGR AM. dated 01.02.2023

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