API is one of the oldest majors of the Australian pharma market, which not only delivers throughout the continent, but also controls the Priceline pharmacy network that includes 450 outlets across Australia. Evalar delivers a range of 15 products to Australia, including 9 dietary supplements and 6 teas.

Alexander Golovko, Director of Foreign Trade Department of Evalar JSC, pointed out that despite the strict regulation of the dietary supplements market in Australia, where dietary supplements are considered as complementary medicines and their turnover is controlled by the Ministry of Health, Evalar considers this market as very promising: “Based on the analytical data that we have, more than 60% of the Australians regularly use dietary supplements, while in Russia this figure does not reach 20%. The annual turnover of the dietary supplements market in Australia reaches $ 5 billion; according to the international marketing agency IBIS World, this market has grown by 7 to 8% over the past 5 years.”

Evalar has been preparing its entry into the Australian market for more than 3 years. The first step was adapting the products to the requirements of the Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Gerontology of Australia. The company received the relevant certificate (TGA) in 2015. It perfected the formulations of dietary supplements for several years, in accordance with the requirements of Australian legislation. In 2016, Evalar’s office was opened in Sydney, and worked on the registration of the company’s products.

To enter the Australian market, Evalar completely reworked the packaging of its products. The philosophy and design of the packaging were developed by a large international agency EmediaCreative, that used the kaleidoscope of Altai grasses painted in watercolor as the dominant artistic feature. According to the project’s art director Saara Lemmetty, “When working on this project, we drew inspiration in the nature of the mountainous Altai, the beauty of mountains and unique healing herbs. Given that the company manufactures natural herbal products, it is not surprising that we decided to turn use the pictures of plants. However, we did not want to use standard photographs, we needed a certain symbol. So we chose the watercolor kaleidoscope of medicinal plants: the circle is a holistic symbol of harmony and health, highlighting an important thesis in the positioning of the company, which is a full-cycle enterprise, from growing plants to packaging finished products.”