In times of viral infection, the world' leading experts' recommendations increasingly focus on higher doses of vitamins to support immunity, including vitamin C. According to the American protocol, which was developed by Paul Marick, renowned professor and head of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care at Eastern Virginia Medical School, taking 2,000 mg of vitamin C per day is recommended in current conditions for reliable protection against viral infection1,2.

Evalar has released a new Vitamin C with a maximum* dosage of 2,000 mg in a readily available3 effervescent form to help support the immune system4.

We also recommend this new product to those who:

  • lead an active lifestyle4

  • endure intense physical activities4, such as frequent visits to the gym to get in shape for the summer vacation season

 Under such circumstances, our body, too, feels an increased need for vitamin C. Effervescent tablets are, in our opinion, one of the most convenient ways to replenish it. When the tablet dissolves in water, carbon dioxide is released - the same bubbles that enhance the absorptive activity of the intestine, increasing the bioavailability of the vitamin5.

And our new product is sure to delight you with a taste of citrus - so invigorating and juicy!

New vitamin C 2000 mg can be purchased in any pharmacy of the Evalar chain and in other pharmacies nationwide. You can also find it in our Fitomarket from Evalar.

* In comparison with other monodrugs of vitamin C in effervescent tablets with a dosage of less than 2000 mg in the assortment of Evalar.

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2 A physician should be consulted.
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