The 15th National Congress of Physicians with international participation took place in Moscow. The year’s main event in the industry was organized by Russian Scientific Medical Society of Physicians (RNMOT) under the leadership of its President, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, M.D. A.I. Martynov, together with the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Sciences and Society of Physicians of Russia. The Congress traditionally brings together universally respected leading figures, opinion-makers and leading experts in the field of internal medicine, including therapists, general practitioners, cardiologists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists and representatives of many other specialties. This year, the event was held online due to the pandemic, but this also had its upside. Erasing barriers and distances, the online format made it possible for thousands of specialists from all regions of Russia and other countries to join the event. Evalar took part in the congress for the first time.

The panel of special guests emphasized the high profile of the Congress. Minister of Health of Russian Federation M.A. Murashko, Chairman of State Duma Committee on Health Protection D.A. Morozov, Academician Secretary of Medical Sciences Department of Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician of RAS V.I. Starodubov, President of All-Russian public organization “Society of Physicians of Russia” O.O. Yanushevich, as well as world-renowned foreign experts, such as President-elect of the European Federation for Internal Medicine (EFIM) Dror Dicker (Israel) and President of International Society for Internal Medicine (ISIM) Adri Kok (Republic of South Africa).

“Despite the pandemic and the necessity for all medical institutions to operate under the highest stress and great responsibility, we still find time and opportunities to meet, exchange experiences, share opinions, and discuss discoveries. So we are creating and developing Russian medicine together,” noted the President of the RNMOT, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medicine A.I. Martynov, welcoming the participants in the event.

In addition to the main plenary session, the scientific program included more than 130 workshops, symposia, clinical discussions, round tables, schools and a competition for young GPs. The congress also hosted a meeting of Scientific Society of Gastroenterologists of Russia and a forum on outpatient reception.

More than 400 Russian and foreign experts made scientific reports and presentations, covering the most important issues of modern internal medicine and related disciplines. The report of the President of National Society for the Study of Lipidology and Associated Metabolic Diseases, a full member (academician) of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor of the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases and Radiological Diagnostics at N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medicine, Professor O.Sh. Oynotkinova, on the topic stated as Patients with low and moderate cardiovascular risk. Is there an alternative to statin therapy? How to treat a high and very high risk patient?

In her speech, the expert outlined the special role of microbiota in the pathogenesis of hypercholesterolemia as the most important factor of cardiovascular risk, and the possibility of using probiotics to maintain normal cholesterol levels. O.Sh. Oinotkinova spoke about the results of latest foreign research, confirming high efficiency of using special strains of lactobacilli, such as Lactobacillus plantarum CECT7527, CECT7528, CECT7529.

These strains contain unique* probiotic Multiflora Cholesterol from the innovative* line of special-purpose probiotics Multiflora from Evalar. The expert first presented it to the audience.

The new products are manufactured from high quality raw materials supplied by AB-BIOTICS, a leading Spanish manufacturer of patented probiotic strains with proven effectiveness. In Russia, these strains are available only in probiotics of Multiflora line, since AB-BIOTICS supplies them exclusively for Evalar.

Multiflora Cholesterol contributes to maintaining normal levels of total cholesterol and of low density lipoprotein (“bad”) cholesterol. If a patient takes synthetic drugs for this purpose, then the new product will enhance their effect, which may make it possible to reduce the dose.1

Evalar’s Multiflora line also includes probiotics that maintain normal:

  • condition of teeth and gums - Multiflora Denta;2

  • health of allergic skin - Multiflora Derma;3

  • balance of microflora in women, to protect against infection caused by candida fungi - Multiflora Femi.4

Evalar’s Multiflora line probiotics attracted a lot of attention from participants in the congress. The interest in the emergence of alternative ways to maintaining good health is currently on the rise among medical practitioners, since these methods significantly expand the possibilities of preventive care and individual approach to patients.


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