Every one of us manages stresses in different ways. Some folks go to a fitness-club or practices meditation, others find a source of positive in some hobby and fellowship with beloved people. However, under powerful and lingering stresses, defense reserves of human body might fail and health is compromised. Evalar is continuing to broaden the popular product line of the specialized complexes in easily available form of effervescent tablets and is offering a unique solution for boosting protection from frequent and prolonged stresses – AntiStressEvalar. For this, our experts have integrated in one complex five components in optimal doses: magnesium in bio-available form of glycerophosphate, glycine, L- theanine, gamma-amino-butyric –acid (GABA), and vitamin B6.

About components

  • Magnesium. Under any stress, our body intensively loses magnesium. Concurrently the deficit of the mineral only boosts stress reaction.3 Our innovation contains magnesium in the form of glycerophsphate, which features high bio-availability in comparison with inorganic salts.4

  • Glycine. Functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter – takes part in transmission of soothing neural impulses. For this reason, glycine helps to reduce psycho-emotional tension, suppression aggressiveness and propensity to conflicts, improvement of sleep. 5

  • Theanine. Assists in boosting alpha-wave brain activity, which points out that person is relaxed and tranquil, but concurrently creative, easily perceives new information and focused at important tasks. 6

  • Gamma-amino-butyric-acid (GABA). Helps to relax and reduce anxiety, improve the cognitive functions and reduce arterial pressure, positively affects mood and sleep.7

  • Vitamin B6. Plays important role in metabolism, necessary for normal functioning of central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, participates in synthesis of neuro-transmitters, including ‘happy hormone’ serotonin and GABA.8

         It is enough to dissolve in a glass of water the tablet of the AntiStress Evalar complex and you have in your hands aromatic beverage with refreshing notes of blackcurrants, which helps: 9

  1. to protect the body from stress;

  2. to improve emotional status;

  3. to reduce nervous and mental strain;

  4. to support intellectual activity and working capacity;

  5. to improve sleep;

  6. to normalize arterial pressure.

AntiStress Evalar tablet fully dissolves in water; magnesium in its formula does not produce precipitation, which sometimes is formed after other dissolvable magnesium medications. For this reason, you easily benefit fully from the beverage without leaving a portion of important substances on the glass bottom.

The complex has been created out of high-quality ingredients from leading manufacturers. For example, gamma-amino-butyric-acid (GABA) is imported from Japan.

You can purchase the innovative product in patented pharmacies of Evalar and other pharmacies of the country. Besides, you will find it at and the phytomarket marketplace.


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