In the season of respiratory infections, each one of us has to wear face masks and gloves, and to use sanitizers. We are offering one more protection method, and an excellent one at that: ORVIS Immuno Spray and ORVIS Cream. These unique1 agents are a real barrier to viruses*. We call them “invisible masks”: The spray protects the mouth cavity and the laryngeal cavity, and the new cream safeguards nasal mucous membranes, creating a real barrier to viruses.* Moreover, the new ORVIS Cream can be used to treat a herpes skin rash, which often attacks violently in winter. Both ORVIS Immuno Spray (that we covered in detail before) and ORVIS Cream are the first and, for now, the only agents in Russia2, which were created on the basis of the original3 double-stranded RNA Larifan that has a natural origin. It was designed by the Latvian Academy of Sciences and today is supplied to Russia exclusively for Evalar.

Double-stranded RNA has a multifunctional activity. It helps mobilize natural protective forces of the body, providing antivirus protection and producing an immunomodulatory effect.* In particular, double-stranded RNA drives release of interferons, i.e. special proteins that act as first responders to the presence of several viruses and limit their spread.*

Importantly, when an ointment base agent with double-stranded RNA is used, concentration of interferons spikes extraordinarily as early as in 4 hours.*

The new ORVIS Cream can be used not only by adults but also by children above 14.

Just like ORVIS Immuno Spray, the new product is odorless. When used on herpes-affected skin, the cream will not cause any irritation, and will stay invisible.

You can buy our new ORVIS Cream, as well as ORVIS Immuno Spray, at any pharmacy of the Evalar pharmacy chain, at other pharmacies across the country, or at Fitomarket, Evalar’s official marketplace of healthy lifestyles!

* General information on dsRNA LARIFAN and LARIFAN products. Preclinical and clinical studies. LARIFANS Ltd. Riga, Latvia, 2015; 33 p.

1 Within the Evalar product range.

2 Larifans LLC supplies dsRNA to Russia only for Evalar.

3 Latvian patent LV14897, “A Method of Production of the Double-Stranded RNA Interferon Inducer” and Latvian patent LV15162, “A Method of Production of the Double-Stranded Ribonucleic Acid Interferon Inducer.”