The many properties of Dihydroquercetin, the bioflavonoid of Siberian larch, were highlighted in China during the new virus threat of 2020. Quercetin was included in the U.S. protocol to protect against it, and dihydroquercetin is an improved form of quercetin with higher pharmacological activity. 1 According to scientific research2, during a viral infection the lungs and blood vessels need better protection and, therefore, an increased dosage of dihydroquercetin.

Evalar stayed up to date with the events and produced "Dihydroquercetin 100 mg" - the only drug3 with the highest possible dosage of the improved form of quercetin in one tablet.

Dihydroquercetin 100 mg promotes4:

  • Maintenance of the bronchopulmonary system health and recovery from viral infections

  • Improvement of the blood vessels condition

  • Blood clotting and small vessel thrombosis prevention

  • Normalization of blood circulation and tissue respiration

  • Strengthening of antiviral immunity

"Dihydroquercetin 100 mg" by Evalar is made from high-quality Siberian larch raw materials with 98-100% 5 degree of purification, which provides the maximum potency of the active substance to maintain respiratory, heart, vascular and immune health.

Protect yourself from "corona strikes" with the dietary supplement Dihydroquercetin 100 mg by Evalar!


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3 In the product range of Evalar JSC.

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5 According to the internal incoming inspection data. Test reports No. S-754, S-966, S-96.