Think back to how you used to fight a persistent cough. Perhaps you bought a product based on acetylcysteine or a natural product with ivy extract. And certainly "sprinkled" this remedy with vitamin C to help the immune system cope with the infection as quickly as possible. Forget about all those numerous pills and bottles! Now all three components - Acetylcysteine in a maximum * dosage of 1000 mg, ivy extract and vitamin C - are in one complex Evalar Broncho Acetyl Cysteine, and in easily accessible1 effervescent form! This is the first Russian* cough suppressant** with such a powerful2 unique* formula. It is very easy to use: you only need 1 tablet a day! ** It dissolves in water in less than a minute, and the beverage will delight you with the taste of berry mix. No preservatives or gluten!

About Components

Acetylcysteine is reputed to be one of the most popular1 cough suppressants, a product used to loosen sputum and facilitate its expulsion.1

Ivy extract not only helps reduce sputum viscosity and expectoration, but also widens the bronchi and restores normal breathing; it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.2

Vitamin C is a recognized immunostimulant. It enhances the production of interferon proteins, which are among the first to fight viruses, has anti-inflammatory properties, takes part in the neutralization of free radicals and protects cells from their aggressive effects.3,4


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Due to the properties of the three active ingredients of Evalar Broncho AcetylCysteine promotes:**

  1. thinning and expectoration of sputum

  2. softening of cough and relief of breathing

  3. reduction of the frequency of coughing attacks

  4. accelerates recovery

One package is enough for a 10-day treatment course.

Evalar Broncho AcetylCysteine can be purchased in Evalar brand pharmacies and other pharmacies nationwide. It is also available on the Evalar Fitomarket marketplace.


* According to the state register of dietary supplements ( in the form of effervescent tablets.

** Confirmed by SGR (State Registration Certificate) ¹ AM. from 19.10.2020.

1 Shevchenko AM Prospects for the production and use of solid fast dissolving dosage forms // Bulletin of VSU. Series: Chemistry. Biology. Pharmacy. 2006. ¹ 2. Ń. 420-422.

2 In comparison with preparations containing only ivy extract in the assortment of Evalar JSC.