What minerals that are important for our body can you name? Iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium immediately come to mind… But what about lithium? Many of us are used to see it in among battery ingredients and are even unaware how unique this trace element is. Lithium acts as a powerful mood stabilizing agent and contributes to the reduction of psychological and emotional signs of stress. Evalar has recently released a vitamin and mineral complex Lithium chelate in orodispersible tablets. The main advantage of the preparation lies in the fact that it contains lithium in a special chelated form thanks to which it is absorbed1 and exerts its wide range of properties to the maximum even at low doses. The complex also contains vitamins Â1, Â6 and Â12, which are important for nervous system health and, in our opinion, perfectly complement the properties of lithium.

Psychologists advise to let negative emotions out instead of keeping them in. It is one of the ways to destress and let off steam. But we suggest taking a different look at the problem and turning attention to preparations for maintaining normal emotional state. For example, to the new Lithium chelate Evalar which contributes to:1

  • mood stabilization

  • mild antidepressant and sedative action

  • anxiety, aggression and impulsivity decrease

  • as well as:

  • stress resistance increase

  • brain cell protection

 The tablets with a pleasant lemon and mint flavor do not require water to be washed down. They do not contain sugar, lactose or gluten.

You can purchase Lithium chelate Evalar and other chelated minerals – calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper – in any brand pharmacy of the Evalar chain and in other pharmacies of the country. They are also waiting for you at and our Fitomarket by Evalar.


1 Certified by State Registration Certificate No. KZ. of 12.26.2020