Four exciting days, 25 highly informative medical lectures, and more than 600 interested participants – also this year many pharmacists from all over Austria took the opportunity for this high-end further education, this time focusing on "Pediatrics and Medication Management". In addition, this traditional conference, which took place for the 52nd time was also a platform for discussions on professional ethics.

The quality of advice in pharmacies should be further increased. Newly designed consultation guides for pharmacists should ensure this.

 "At the pharmacy store, people expect high-quality consulting services from pharmacists every day. In order to be able to cope with this important customer benefit, there is a need for ongoing further education and training of the pharmacists in this area. It is enormously important to be able to standardize the quality of personal advice in pharmacies and thus be able to meet the increased quality demands of professional advice in times of digital flood of information and associated uncertainty, " said Mag. Pharm. Dr. Ulrike Mursch-Edlmayr, President of the Austrian Pharmacists' Chamber.

Opening hours for pharmacies should be liberalized, as well as there should be new rules for the delivery of medicines. At the same time, owner-managed pharmacies in Austria are to be strengthened. The Chamber's president emphasized: "I say this without complaining - the earnings situation has fallen linearly over the past ten years, adjusted for inflation." Our position in the healthcare sector is seen above all as a cost factor. "

Instead, it will focus more on representing what the services of more than 1,400 public pharmacies mean. "We have the patients in supervised self-medication, which does not cost the healthcare system anything, but what does it mean if the pharmacists send patients to the doctor in good time and in good time?", said Ulrike Mursch-Edlmayr. Ensuring that patients stay with their prescribed medication is also a benefit to the healthcare system.

Also this time Evalar has participated this main Austrian Pharmacists' Congress and presented new products like BERGCALCIUM, GARCINIA and MARIENDISTEL to the audience, having pleasant discussions and mutual exchange of information.