Altai is a unique place. At the junction of diverse natural landscapes, in the heart of the continent, at an equal distance from the Pacific, Indian and Arctic oceans, nature has created an amazing land of blue lakes, high cliffs, impenetrable taiga, dry steppes, and vast and fertile meadows.

The entire area of the Altai Territory is slightly more than 167 thousand sq. km. This relatively small space includes six natural landscapes: tundra, forest, steppe, semi-desert, subalpine and alpine zones; hence the diversity of the Altai’s flora.

The diversity of valuable plants of Altai includes more than 600 plant species, among which 380 species of medicinal plants, 149 species of edible plants, 166 species of honey plants; 33 species of plants rich in vitamins, 66 species of dye plants, 330 species of feed plants, and 215 species of decorative plants. The Altai Republic is home to more than two thousand kinds of plants, 144 of them are listed in the Red List of Endangered Species. More than 100 endemic plants are found here, the habitats of which have been limited for millions of years by climatic and geological barriers. They include especially valuable medicinal plants, such as the golden root (Rhodiola rosea), maral root (Rhaponticum carthamoides), and Urals peony (Paeonia anomala). Many endemics are successfully used by Evalar in the production of dietary supplements and medicines.

According to the data of Russian Statistics Service bulletin "Basic characteristic of environmental status", Altai is the most environmentally friendly region of the Russian Federation. The number of sunny days here is the same as in Sochi, with the winter-summer temperature spread from -45 to +45°C. This unique climate makes it possible to collect up to 5 crops per year, and plants accumulate a record quantity of biologically active substances.

Quality raw materials are the basis for the quality and efficiency of Evalar’s products. Most of the raw materials used by the company in the manufacturing process are grown on its own plantations in the environmentally pristine foothills of Altai.