Motherwort Forte Liquid Extract

Fast calming effect. High dosage of motherwort - 100 mg1, fortified with magnesium and vitamin B6.

Motherwort Forte is a phytocomplex for daily support of the nervous system, which has a quick calming effect and helps:

- Improve the state of the nervous system

- Increase body’s resistance to stress

- Promote removal of anxiety, emotional stress and irritability

- Improve the emotional state

- Falling asleep with insomnia, promote healthy and deep sleep

- Mild cardiotonic action (slows down the rhythm and optimizes the heart rate)

- Maintain normal blood pressure

- Improve the functional state of the cardiovascular system. 2


Daytime soothing Motherwort Forte will gradually eliminate the signs of stress: cold hands, muscle spasms, the desire to run somewhere, and the body will relax with gratitude. You will react to everything that happens calmly, without losing your head and health.

1 In 10 ml (daily intake).

2 Confirmed by SRC No. KZ.Å.001008.11.19.

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