Fruttilar Ginger + Lemon

Many people know that ginger contains a variety of active substances, including essential oils, lipids, amino acids and vitamins. Do you know what is it that makes the ginger cool? It’s gingerol! Gingerol gives ginger its pungent taste. It is a unique resinous substance that has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. To soothe inflammation in the mouth and pharynx, alleviate sore throat and improve overall well-being, it is recommended to use ginger in all available forms: as tea, decoction for gargling, infusion, inhalations, or lozenges.

Try Evalar’s Fruttilar Ginger + Lemon, delicious and healthy jelly berries with ginger root and lemon essential oil.

The Ginger + Lemon formula is enhanced with micronutrients that are important for immunity: vitamins C, D3 and zinc.

Fruttilar Ginger + Lemon contributes to:

  • Eliminating throat soreness and discomfort when swallowing

  • Reducing the risk of developing colds

  • Strengthening immune defenses

How do ingredients work?

Ginger root powder has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, absorbable, antiflatulent, sudatory, healing and tonic effect. Ginger also has a strong antioxidant and sedative effect, improves immune defenses and protects from parasites.

Essential lemon oil has bactericidal, virucidal, and antioxidant effects.

Vitamin C is a universally recognized immune potentiator. It enhances the production of interferon proteins, which are among the first to fight viruses. It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps neutralize free radicals and protect lung cells from their aggressive effects1,2.

Vitamin D3 is a comprehensive regulator of immune defenses. It helps reduce the risk of airways infections3. 80% of people in Russia have a deficit in vitamin D3. It is especially common among the elderly; researchers associate high mortality from coronavirus with this factor.

Zinc. According to recent reports, zinc inhibits the multiplication of coronavirus due to its ability to block the activity of RNA polymerase enzyme and ACE2 enzyme, which help the virus to enter the cell4.

Distinctive features of Fruttilar lozenges:

Delicious and healthy jelly berries. No artificial flavors, dyes or GMOs. The lozenges are gluten and lactose free. Moreover, they are manufactured in a gentle temperature regime, which makes it possible to keep vitamins, minerals and plant components as active as possible.

Natural ingredients. The manufacture of jelly base involves sugar, gelatin and molasses, traditional components in the food industry.

Convenient to take. Water is not required.

Ingredients: Sugar, starch syrup, food gelatin, ginger root powder, citric acid (acidity regulator), ascorbic acid, citrus pectin (gelling agent), zinc citrate, concentrated apple juice, natural lemon flavoring, natural cartamus extract dye, glazing (vegetable oil, white beeswax, α-tocopherol acetate, citric acid), essential lemon oil, cholecalciferol.

1 Carr A.C., Maggini S. Vitamin C and Immune Function. Nutrients. 2017 Nov; 9(11): 1211.

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3 Ilie P.Ń., Stefanescu S., Smith L. The role of vitamin D in the prevention of coronavirus disease 2019 infection and mortality. Aging Clin Exp Res. 2020 Jul; 32(7): 1195-1198.

4 Skalny A., Rink L., Ajsuvakova O. et al. Zinc and respiratory tract infections: Perspectives for COVID‑19 (Review). Int J Mol Med. 2020 Jul; 46(1): 17-26.

Dietary supplement. This product is not a drug.

Does not contain GMO
For men
For women
No Gluten
No preservatives, or artificial colors
No sugar
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