EVALAR BRONCHO (Acetylcysteine 1000 mg)

Maximum1 strength of Acetylcysteine in one cough relief tablet
Cough is one of the most obvious symptoms in acute respiratory infections. If it persists, life becomes unbearable. Most of cough-related diseases are associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane in respiratory tract. To restore it, mucolytics (medicines for thinning sputum) are actively used, such as acetylcysteine.
Evalar Broncho contains 1000 mg of acetylcysteine in 1 effervescent tablet.

Evalar Broncho contributes to:
• Thinning and expectoration of the sputum
• Alleviating cough and easier breathing
• Reducing the frequency of coughing fits
• Faster recovery in cough-related diseases

How ingredients work
Acetylcysteine has a direct effect on flow capacity of biological fluids. In particular, it can liquefy the sputum and increase the speed of movement of the cilia in ciliated epithelium, thus removing the sputum from respiratory tract quickly and efficiently. This substance also reduces the colonization of respiratory tract mucous membrane by viruses and bacteria, and has an anti-inflammatory effect2.

Vitamin C is generally recognized as immune stimulant. It enhances the production of interferon proteins, which are among the first to fight viruses. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps neutralize free radicals and protect lung cells from their aggressive effects3,4.

Ivy contains saponins, beneficial substances with expectorant, antispasmodic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. It means that ivy contributes to moisturizing the mucous membrane of respiratory tract and reduces sputum viscosity. Moreover, it has a general strengthening effect, toning up the body and mobilizing its defenses, which contributes to speedy recovery.

Ingredients: citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (acidity regulators), acetylcysteine, sorbitol (carrier), maltodextrin, beetroot extract (dye), natural flavoring agent Berry Mix, polyethylene glycol (carrier), ivy extract, sucralose (sweetener), ascorbic acid, polydimethyl siloxane (antifoaming agent), polyvinyl pyrrolidone (carrier).
The product contains the sweetener sorbitol, which may have a laxative effect if consumed in excess.
For men
For women
No Gluten
No preservatives, or artificial colors
No sugar
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