The Evalar Laboratory innovative nutrients collection is presented at the major beauty forum of the year

The Forum “Aesthetical Medicine of the Future. The Trends of 2023” took place in Moscow, in the Digital Space in Pokrovka Street. It gathered not only the most prominent beauticians, nutrition experts and physicians of our country, but also the movie and show-biz stars. Evalar was the Prime Sponsor of the event. The singer Alsu, the talk-show hostess Marika, the actress Polina Aug, the singer Irina Toneva, the designer Masha Tsygal, the singer and songwriter Alexander Panayotov and other Russian celebrities attended the Forum. They learned not only about the beauty trends of 2023, but also were the first ones to test the new products of Evalar Laboratory – innovative nutraceuticals developed with participation of the medical community. All products of this range feature high bio-accessibility and unique formulas.

The Evalar Laboratory collection comprises nutraceuticals of the new generation. They were created by a group of researchers, nutrition experts and process engineers according to the highest international quality standards GMP in the conditions of modern pharmaceutical production site, and they are produced for international markets, as well. This January, the new product range was presented at the ARAB HEALTH exhibition in Dubai.

Each and every nutrient for the new collection was selected based on the analysis of dozens of the latest clinical studies and reviews with the scientific support of the research community of RUDN (People’s Friendship of the University of Russia) and with participation of the international community of nutrition specialists.

This year, the Forum worked simultaneously in four rooms. Elena Korshun, the nutrition specialist, expert in complementary and predictive practices, reported the main advantages of the Evalar Laboratory collection to the plenary session hosting the leading representatives of the beauty industry.

“The ageing processes commence in our organism after we turn 25, she noted. – This is the main factor for development not only of age-associated, but also of various hypo conditions. We identify them in each patient turning to us with the first signs of ageing.”

In the situation when the modern food products cannot supply all the required nutrients to human organism, biological additives become the only way to satisfy the needs of the organism.

Multi Collagen of Evalar Laboratory arouse real admiration among the Forum participants. This beauty complex comprises native collagen, type II, produced from deep-sea squids, as well as fish and beef collagen, types I and III. They are fortified with vitamin Ń in the non-acid and safe for the stomach from of ascorbate, Q10 coenzyme and ĚŃĚ. The guests especially praised the fact that given high doze strength of collagen, 10,000 mg in each portion, there was absolutely no fish smell. On the contrary, you can enjoy the drink with a delicious chocolate flavor of natural cocoa.

Multi Collagen caught great interest of the beauticians. They often prescribe collagen to improve the efficiency of rejuvenating treatment. However, the innovative formulas, high doze strength and maximum bio-accessibility of the products contained in the Evalar Laboratory products allow for achieving quick impressive rejuvenating results even without attending the sessions with the beauticians.

All the plenary session participants could participate in the quiz and get the prizes – beauty boxes with new products of Evalar Laboratory.

Olesya Soboleva, the nutrition specialist, presented the new product range to the beauty bloggers.

“It is important for us to always stay on the go and have sufficient resources. And of course, everyone would like to extend our youth to the maximum, the expert says. – The scientists calculated: if we adequately replenish our nutrients shortages, by 2050 every sixth person of the world will be older than 65. Evalar developed effective solutions to sustain youth and prevent practically all the age-associated conditions.”

Each and every Forum participant had a chance to try the best beauty innovations and get a customized beauty program from Evalar experts.