Careful treatment for runny nose

Vasoconstrictor drops are the first popular treatment for rhinitis. They quickly reduce the swelling of blood vessels and restore breathing. However, such drops only offer temporary relief of the symptom, and do not contribute to the elimination of the cause of rhinitis and sinusitis. When the effect of vasoconstrictor drops expires, the nasal mucosa swells up again even more than before. Every time, blood vessels dilate more and contract slower. Over time, the nasal mucosa stops responding to medication at all; the effects are a burning sensation in the nose, dryness, and bleeding. To top it all, these drops affect the vessels of the whole body, which can result in heart rhythm disturbance, increased blood pressure, dizziness, nervousness, and tachycardia. However, if a runny nose is not treated, germs and bacteria penetrate deeper and complications can occur, such as sinus infection. This means that runny nose should be treated, and careful treatment is the best.