Elderberry Immunity

Elderberry is a natural immunity activator. Contains anthocyanin pigments that stimulate immune system functions and have antiviral properties.

American experts have found that elderberry extracts and infusions reduce the severity and duration of the flu1. Their Israeli colleagues claim that the duration of the disease is reduced by an average of 4 days2.

The composition is fortified with vitamin C and zinc.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) enhances the production of interferon proteins. It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps neutralize free radicals and protect lung cells from their aggressive effects3,4.

Zinc, according to the latest data, prevents the multiplication of coronavirus due to its ability to block the activity of the enzyme RNA polymerase and the enzyme ACE2, which helps the virus to enter the cell5.

Effervescent vitamins Elderberry Immunity instantly dissolve in water; in liquid form, they are easily absorbed by the body without causing stomach irritation or problems with swallowing.

• Free from artificial colors

• No preservatives

• Excellent taste

• Sugar free

1 Overview of the antiviral properties of black elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) preparations. Phytotherapy Research, 2017, April; No. 31 (4), p. 533-554.

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No preservatives, or artificial colors
No sugar
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