Antiseptic Spray For Hands And Devices

Sanitizing 99% of hands, gadgets and any surrounding surfaces.

For quick disinfection of hands or gadgets: while walking, traveling, outdoors, in the office - anywhere and anytime, use an antiseptic spray for hands and gadgets made by Evalar.


• Ethyl alcohol content - 70%

• Not every antibacterial agent is an antiseptic. In order not only to reduce the number of microbes, but to reduce the risk of infection with viruses and bacteria, it must contain at least 60% alcohol. The antiseptic spray by Evalar contains more - 70% ethyl alcohol: at this concentration, ethanol penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis for a more pronounced antiseptic effect.

• Sanitation - 99%

Ethyl alcohol in the composition provides a high degree of disinfection - 99%.

• Does not leave traces, film, stickiness, etc., as it contains only alcohol and water

• Suitable for disinfection of most surfaces, including plastic and glass

• Convenient spray nozzle

Apply a small amount of the solution to the surface and rub until completely dry.

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Barcode: 4602242022015