We assure you that you will not find an analogue of this new product in Russian pharmacies. Verified! New Izjogoff is the first and only* drug in Russia that helps to eliminate heartburn1, which is produced not in the familiar form of chewable lozenges, but in effervescent tablets. Without sugar, preservatives and gluten, but with a pleasant taste of mango!

It takes less than a minute for the effervescent tablet Izhogoff to dissolve in water, and a few more instants until the drink reaches the stomach. Here, the two active components of the preparation - sodium hydrocarbonate and potassium hydrocarbonate will contribute to: 1
- the neutralization of excess hydrochloric acid, one of the main factors of aggression for the mucous membrane of the stomach;
- reduction of discomfort while digesting.

Izhogoff is made from high quality European raw materials. One tube contains 20 tablets that can be used as needed.

You can find this new product in any pharmacy of the Evalar chain, in other pharmacies nationwide, at and in our Fitomarket by Evalar.

* According to DSM Group JSC, as of January 2021, there are no medicinal products in the form of effervescent tablets used for heartburn available for sale in pharmacies.
1 Confirmed by SGR ╣ AM. from 04.02.2021.