Great news for those who like effervescent vitamins by Evalar! Meet the new unique combinations in our line: Zinc + Vitamin C and a complex of Vitamin C + Beta-carotene + Vitamin D3! You no longer need to buy several vitamins separately and wonder how to properly combine them and what dosage to choose. Our complexes contain the correct combination of vitamins in optimal daily doses. Immunity support and bone strength, vision and antioxidant protection, skin and hair beauty ... Even more opportunities with new vitamins from Evalar in easily accessible2 effervescent form! Complexes contain no preservatives or gluten; the beverage will delight you with an invigorating citrus flavour.

           Zinc + Vitamin C Evalar - immunity support and beauty effect 3

          The complex contains 2 elements that promote strong immune system and are included in the global protocols for protection against viral infections. Furthermore, this new product will be a great addition to your daily anti-aging routine, as it contributes to: 3
  • maintenance of skin and hair beauty from the within.
  • protection against oxidative stress, one of the main threats to youth.
           Vitamin C + Beta-carotene + Vitamin D3 Evalar - vision support and bone strengthening

           In addition to the well-known vitamins C and D3 that promote strong immunity and strong bones, this new product contains beta-carotene (provitamin A), which is very important for maintaining vision. That is why this complex should be especially considered by those who are constantly subjected to high eye strain.

           Vitamin C + Beta-carotene + Vitamin D3 Evalar helps to maintain: 4
  • vision;
  • bone and teeth strength, as well as:
  • immunity;
  • protection of the body from oxidative stress and the effects of harmful environmental factors;
  • beauty of skin and hair.
           Our new products are easy to take - just 1 tablet a day.

           You can buy them in Evalar brand pharmacies and other pharmacies nationwide. Our vitamins are also available online in the marketplace Fitomarket by Evalar.
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