What do you think is the common property of the willow herb, rowanberry, bergenia, currant, thyme and lemongrass? Combining the natural power of these plants in a single tea bag, you get a formula for good health - a new 100% natural tea Wellness * VitaBotanika by Evalar. It contains only Altai plants! Feel life in a wellness* style: get a boost of positive mood, increase efficiency and reduce fatigue.1 Start your morning and greet the afternoon with a cup of fragrant tea Wellness * VitaBotanika!

The technology of careful tea production allows us to preserve maximum bioactivity and natural benefits of the plants, most of which are harvested in the Altai Mountains or grown at the company's own plantations in the foothills of pristine "Russian Switzerland".
High microbiological purity of components is provided by a gentle method of treatment "instant steam" using a French machine. The packaging of each tea bag in an individual envelope helps to save the unsurpassed flavor and aroma of the plants.

The new Wellness tea* VitaBotanika and other teas from our rich product range can be bought in branded pharmacies of the Evalar chain and in other pharmacies nationwide. You will also find them at and

* Wellness – “the state of being in good health”
1 Approved by SGR ¹ AM. from 01.03.2021.