We are pleased to present MCT OIL from our new Organic Evalar product line! Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are “good” fats supplied only by coconut oil free from palm oil. Due to their unique properties, fatty acids of MCT oil are absorbed without putting any stress on liver, raising cholesterol or affecting your heart or body, because they aren’t stored in adipose tissue1. But the energy boost received by your organism is equivalent to that provided by sweet and tasty food2. Therefore, MCT oil is indispensable if you dream of a perfect body and avoid high-carbon diet. Get the most out of physical exercises and diet with the new product offered by Evalar! All you need is to take MCT oil with your favorite meals and drinks!

It is known that triglycerides have different molecular chain length. Long-chain fats, which are approximately 98% of all consumed fatty acids, contain 12 to 18 carbon atoms. To absorb them, you need energy, enzymes, bile acids and other excipients2. Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) have a shorter molecular chain (6 to 12 carbon atoms). MCT oil by Evalar contains caprylic (C8) and capric (C10) medium chain fatty acids in the most favorable ratio of 70% to 30%. Their absorption begins with the oral cavity and ends in the upper intestines without requiring energy, pancreatic enzymes or bile acids1,2.

While long-chain fats need special carrier proteins to enter mitochondria (the main cellular energy powerhouses) MCTs don’t require any assistance to perform the same function. Like glucose and other simple carbohydrates, they provide instant energy2. Thus, MCTs are a unique dietary fat and a perfect solution for people who watch their weight, stay on a keto diet, practice sports or have much mental work.

MCT oil by Evalar helps to3:

  • boost your energy and physical endurance;

  • decrease your appetite;

  • increase metabolism and provide the weight control;

  • detox your body;

  • improve digestion;

  • restore healthy gut flora;

  • improve cognitive functions (mental clarity, concentration and memory).

Moreover, our new products meet all the organic product requirements as they are manufactured under innovative sustainable technology and free of flavoring and aromatic additives, GMOs, gluten and soy.

You can purchase MCT oil both in Evalar’s pharmacies and other pharmacies of the country. It is also available on our Web site and

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3Confirmed by the Certificate of registration No. AM. of 28.04.2022.