Most women know how important folic acid is to them, especially if they are planning to become mothers. But there are important nuances! It turns out that the usual synthetic folic acid and folate from food are not biologically active. In order for them to be absorbed and begin to work, they need to go through a cycle of transformation to a biologically active form1 - methylfolate. This process is out of balance in many people, so they are especially prone to folic acid deficiency. But there is a way out: you can take already prepared Methylfolate. Our new product Folate Evalar 400 mcg offers the readily available* form of folic acid in the optimal daily dosage2, and in a tablet to swallow. Methylfolate is 100% absorbed3 and begins to work faster than conventional folic acid4. Just 1 tablet a day!

As we have already mentioned, it is especially important for a woman who is expecting a pregnancy to keep her folate levels normal. If necessary, it is recommended to start taking them several months before conception. Timely replenishment of folate deficiency will contribute to the prevention of fetal neural tube defects*, from which the spinal cord and brain of the baby develop.
However, folate is important not only in preparation for conception and during pregnancy, but also in other periods of a woman's life. Men, of course, also need them, along with other vitamins.

Our new Folate Evalar 400 mcg also contributes:*

  • reduce the risk of anemia;
  • maintaining normal levels of the amino acid homocysteine, an increase in the concentration of which negatively affects the cardiovascular system1.

Evalar Folate 400 mcg Tablets do not contain sugar, lactose, gluten and GMOs.

You can find this new product in any pharmacy of the Evalar chain, in other pharmacies nationwide, at and in our Fitomarket by Evalar.

* Confirmed by SGR ¹ KZ. from 11.01.2021.
1 Pustotina O.A. Achievements and risks of folate use outside and during pregnancy // Medical Advice. 2015. ¹ 9. Ń. 92-99.
2 The adjusted physiological requirement for adults is 400 mcg/day, according to Methodical Recommendations MR "Norms of physiological requirements for energy and nutrients for various groups of the population of the Russian Federation."
3 Hilkevich E.G., Yazykova O.I. Vitamins for pregnant women. Active folate with one hundred percent absorption // Medical Advice. 2017. ¹ 2. Ń. 48-50.
4 Compared with conventional folic acid in tablets in the assortment of Evalar.