A long-awaited new product – Vitamin B complex has enriched a wide range of Evalar products. We released it in two forms to give you a choice: in general and effervescent tablets. Both forms contain a complex of vitamins B, in easily digestible forms1 and balanced dosages. The effervescent tablets are additionally enhanced with vitamin C and zinc. We assure you that you have several reasons to try our new product!

1. A comprehensive approach to improving nervous system and memory, restore strength and vitality. 1 Vitamin B complex from Evalar promotes: 1

  • Improvement of the functional state of the central and peripheral nervous system

  • Recovery of damaged nerve fibers

  • Reduction of pain 

  • Memory improvement

  • Recovery of strength and energy

2. Beauty effect. Include our vitamin B complex in your anti-aging regimen, as it promotes better skin, hair and nails. 1

3. For those who like to combine benefits with delicious taste - an effervescent form that allows the body to easily absorb vitamins. 2 This drink has a rich orange flavour, contains no preservatives and gluten.

4. Opportunity to save money: one product instead of three. Now you don't need to buy B-group vitamins, vitamin C and zinc separately. It's enough to buy our new product in the form of effervescent tablets!

You can buy new Evalar Vitamin B complex in general or effervescent tablets in branded pharmacies of the Evalar chain and in other pharmacies nationwide. You can also find them on and


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