Joints problems are a concern for many. A strenuous gym session, a tiring cross-country hike, accidentally bumping an elbow or knee against a piece of furniture during spring cleaning... In cold season, the joints make themselves felt especially often, making all movement painful. Check out our new complex Boswellia extract 500 mg. It contains two naturally occurring ingredients, a standardized Boswellia extract fortified with curcumin that helps reduce inflammation, alleviate pain and swelling,1,2 and improve blood flow to the joints.1

More about the components

The benefits of Boswellia resin are mentioned in scientific works written over 1500 years ago. Back then, it was already known that it helped relieve joints pain, inflammation and swelling.2 Today we know that Boswellic acids play a major role in this effect. It is further enhanced in combination with curcumin. The product does not cause any side effects, irritate the stomach, or have a negative effect on joints cartilage.3-5

Course use of Boswellia helps reduce the dose of synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs, such as glucocorticoids, and cut down the need for NSAIDs.4,6

Boswellia also enhances blood circulation in inflamed tissues6 and, therefore, improves the supply of substances that are important for joint tissue nutrition and natural repair.

One capsule of the novelty product contains 500 mg of standardized Boswellia extract, including 125 mg of Boswellic acids. This is a reasonable dosage shown to support joint health in clinical trials and meta-analyses.7 The 50.25 mg dose of curcumin corresponds to 100% of the recommended (adequate) daily intake. 

The recommended dose of Boswellia extract 500 mg is 1 capsule daily for 1 to 3 months, depending on the condition of the joints. One pack is enough for two full months of use.*

You can buy our novelty product in online store and marketplace, as well as offline in Evalar branded pharmacies or other pharmacies in Russia.



*Compared to Curcumin Evalar that contains only curcumin.

1 Confirmed by MA certificate No. AM. dated 27.03.2023.

2 Not related to a disease.

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