Evalar’s mission is to provide an enhanced quality of life by using natural, effective, high-quality and modern supplements: herbal medicines and food supplements. Evalar is recognized as being an expert in the field of herbal medicine and nutrition. For nearly 30 years we have been combining traditional knowledge and scientific approach. We carry out large-scale scientific and research work. We constantly launch new innovative technologies in production.

As a company our priority is the

development and manufacturing of natural medicines and dietary supplements for all of our clients, as well as expanding the brand of Evalar pharmacy chain.

Evalar uses its own plantations when growing its raw materials, which are located in the ecologically clean foothills of Altai mountains. Sometimes raw materials are purchased from the world's leading manufacturers.

We control the full production cycle: from the preparation of raw materials to the finished product.

Evalar’s product range features more than 300 brands made in various forms: tablets, capsules, tinctures, drops, water-soluble drinks in sachets, teas in filter bags, oils, cosmetics in tubes. We strive to meet all your needs, from weight control to a healthy heart, so that you can improve your health.

Evalar’s clients -  that’s millions of people who care about their wellbeing and understand that a healthy and balanced diet  is a fundamental factor in  promoting good health and enhanced immunity.

We constantly maintain affordable prices for our products, as we are less dependent on foreign suppliers of raw materials than our competitors.

Evalar was nominated “Brand No. 1 in Russia” multiple times. The company was 3 times awarded the «Idea of ​​Health» as “The Best Manufacturer of the Year” among Russian and overseas manufacturers producing natural medicines (food supplements and dietary supplements), and won many other awards.

Evalar is a key participant in the Altai biopharmaceutical cluster. Evalar is a member of the industry organization Non-profit partnership "Manufacturers of biologically active food additives, therapeutic and preventive nutrition."

Evalar –  ultimate natural health source!

Evalar’s launch of the new production facility